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PCB Manufacturing

It is our endevor to provide one stop solution for Printed Circuit Board services. Right from Printed Circuit Board Design to Printed Circuit Board Fabrication to sourcing of components of any make to Printed Circuited Board Assembly. We provide a hassle free electronic solution to your ideas.

We design printed circuit boards for our customers, send prototype samples to our customers for testing and moving forward develop optimized pcb design ready for large scale fabrication. We undertake projects in both surface mount technology and through hole technology.

Moving beyond the prototyping stage once the printed circuit board is thoroughly tested for its functionality, we mass fabricate the boards. We offer the following options to our customers during printed circuit board fabrication.

1. PCB Type ( 2 layers, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers )
2. SMT ( 1 side, 2 side, none and Fine pitch )
3. Material ( FR4, FR2, CEM-1, Other )
4. Finished Thickness ( 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6 mm, Other)
5. Finished Copper Thickness Outer Layers ( 35 micron, 70 micron )
6. Finished Copper Thickness Innner Layers ( 35 micron, 70 micron )
7. Surface Finish ( HASL, Hal Lead Free, Silver, Immersion Ni/ Au, Entek, Flash Gold, Gold Fingers)
8. Soldermask ( Sides, Green, Gloss, Matt )
9. Electrical Testing

It is of utmost importance to source high quality electronic components for assembly on the printed circuit boards. We source components for our customers to ensure high quality at affordable rates.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a delicate process especially if it involved SMT ( surface Mount Technology ). We have printed circuit board assembly machines which automatically place and solder the SMT components on the printed circuit board.

Finally we test the printed circuit board for its functionality before supplying it to the customer. It is our responsibility to meet the functional requirements of our customer.

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