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Mould making endeavor

Mould Making

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Make in India
Made in India

Mould Making

Economies of scale offer the best economical prospects to the customers. And that is possible with metal / plastic moulds that have the capability of delivering repeatable, accurate and cost effective plastic and metal products.

We offer plastic injection molding / moulding services and Plastic Moulds / Molds to our customers. We maintain global standards of performance and stand by the Make in India campaign.

One of the advantage that we offer is a one stop solution to the entire mould making process. The customer just needs to forward the product with a design or sample. We take it from there to deliver the final product as per functional and aesthetic requirements to the customer. Our charges can be on basis of one time mould / mold delivery or long term dependent on per piece basis.

It is our endevor to get the mould right the first time. We ensure that by using 3d printing and other rapid protyping means to ensure that the functional aspects of the design are met. That way any potential errors are eliminated.

The opportunity to make in india offers immense benefits of hassle free delivery, short lead time and customization that is not possible with overseas manufacturing.

Our inhouse mould / mold manufacturing unit ensures that we offer after sales service and gurarantees for the mold performance.

Our moulding services ensure that we run the mould and maintain the mould for the customer and ensure the final deliver of product to the customer.

We are proud to say that we are probably one of the few organizations in India to offer a one stop solution to all of your mold making and moulding requiremnts along withe facility to deliver the product to your doorstep so that you can focus on your core aspects of your project.

We are also proud to say that we are one of the few manufacturers in India that have the capability of manufacturing micro moulds in India. Micro moulds are moulds that have a weight less than 1 gm and have very intricate features.

High accuracy and focus on precision is our core strength. A good team,20 years experience and 1000 mould delivered in the Medical device development have given us the confidence of delivering many successful products to our customers.

One of our key advantages is that we offer a one stop solution from moulding making, moulding and packaging and offer a seamless process of the customer getting a product right at the door step and not having to worry about anything else in between.

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