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One Stop Complete Product Development

our small scale industry manufacture customised products at affordable price

One Stop Engineering Solution

One Stop Complete Product Development

It is our belief that every good idea should convert into a successful product.
We have a team of expert consultants, top notch engineers and implementors to ensure that your idea takes the form of a successful product.
From high end Research oriented projects to plain reverse engineering projects, it is our endeavor to leverage our expertise for your benefit.

Our Services include

Research and Technology Development

High end products leverage technologies from a variety of domains. We possess the capability and capacity to execute genuine research based projects and offer complete transfer of technology to our clients.

Example Projects
-> Qualitative diagnsosis of Milk.
-> Rapid diagnostic test based on Micro fluidic lab on a chip solutions.
-> Non Invasive Bilirubin measurement device for new born neonates to detect intensity of Jaundice.


In this age of reduced product life cycle and competitive environment it is necessary that we shorten the product development time.
Rapid prototyping is the solution to quickly test the functionality of a product.
We offer a variety of tools from 3d printing, 3d scanning, laser cutting, Mechanical Desiging, Electronic Fabrication and Software Integration to develop a fully functional protoype in a matter of days.

Example projects

-> Body Stimulator.
-> Quick Needle Changer for NIFT.
-> Brain Stimulator.

Mould Making and Moulding

To achieve benefits of scale, mould making is a necessity to achieve quality, quantity and cost effectiveness.
We have a team of specialist mould makers that have a combined experience of manufacturing 10,000 moulds mainly in the field of high precision medical moulds and micro moulds.

Example Products
-> Micro Mould - production of 1 crore peices per year / weight < than 1 gram.
-> Integrated Medical Kit - 3 piece integrated product.
-> Ear phone wrapper cum phone stand -

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Manufacturing

We provide Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services along with high precision Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing for sampling and mass manufacturing.
A fully assembled PCB along with high quality components and tested is provided to our clients.

Example Products
-> Ramps Board
-> Printed Ciruit Board - Heat Bed
-> Motor Controller Drivers

Embedded Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks

Every modern device is run by a dedicated micro controller which senses, controls and actuates.
We provide complete design and implementation of embeddeded sytems.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Development

Search engine optimization is marketing necessity to make your product visible on first page of search engines. We design websites so that websites can be displayed among the top few searches of search engines like google and yahoo.

Packaging Solutions

Any marketing professional will tell you that packaging matters. A well packaged product adds to the look, feel and overall feel to the product to yield a complete satisfied customer experience. We offer bubble wrap, shrink wrap and so ..... solutions to our customers.

Please contact us with your design and we shall get back to you with our quote for manufacturing a professional grade prototype. 

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