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Search Engine Optimisation

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Rapid Innovation India provides search engine optimization and digital marketing to our customers.

It is a necessity tool in modern age where the digital market is expected to grow manifold. You can expose your product or services to a 1 billion + consumers directly or indirectly acesssing the internet via google search engine. But it is one thing to have a website and secondly to get yourself found by a customer who has no knowledge of your products services or your name itself.

That is where web search or google search comes in. But to get yourself noticed on google search requires that your website is optimized to be picked up by popular search engines like google / bing or yahoo. We offer services that enable your products to be put in front of prospective customers by web optimization. At the end of web optimization, you will be easily found on - google, bing and Yahoo.

Search engine optimization (seo) is basically an intricate task of optimizing your on page / off page content based on parameters set by google / bing / yahoo. The google search engine for websites is particulary designed to ensure that the right customer is matched to the right website. Hence it is a to an fro process assessing what customers are searching in google search or yahoo search and being aware of what the website is offering to its customer.

How to find your product on google search ?

Google search's job is to satisfy a customer query. For your product to figure out in the top searches of google it is important to have a well optimized website. A website cannot be optimized for everything but it can be optimized for the right products and services that are being offered.

How to increase traffic to your website ?

Customer traffic can be increased when you are featured on the top search pages of google / bing / yahoo. That is possible when the key words that customers place in their searches figure out on your website prominently.

How to do search engine optimization ?

Search engine optimization requires a rich knowledge of website development, digital marketing, search engine optimization. Hence it is advisable to take the help of professionals to ensure that you reach the desired destination. The role of the product provider is to offer the best products and services and being clear on what they want to offer the customer. After that the our team takes over with the search engine optimization and digital content management to ensure that you get the maximum traffic to your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

First of all it is important to understand what is SEO ( search engine optimization ). In short it is the art / science of increasing traffic to your website by being ranked higher in organic searches ( non paid ). There a bunch of internal and external factors that affect your ranking. On an overall basis optimization includes web programming, business, writing, marketing, branding and competitive puzzle solving skills.

Which aspects of Search Engine Optimization do we cover ?

We cover all all aspects of search engine optimization which would involve keyword identification, competitive research, content modification, website optimization, sitemaps, rich media enhancement and link building. We include digital marketing techniques to ensure that your website meets the over all standards set by seach engines and figures in the top 5 of google, bing and yahoo searches.

What is our responsibility ?

Our final responsibility is to ensure that you figure in the top 5 searches of google, bing and yahoo.

Do we work on already developed websites ?

Yes we do work on already developed websites. But our preference is to design the website ourselves. It enables us to design and structure the website as per our design fundamentals which subsequently aids in search engine optimization. If you do not have an existing website, it is recommended that you get in touch with us for a website and search engine combined deal.

What is the costs for our services ?

Upto 10 pgs ( close to 700 words per pg ) we charge Rs 10,000 In addition we charge Rs 10000 for Search engine optimization. We offer annual maintainence contracts of Rs 1000 per month for the website to accomodate for any modifications and in general site maintainence. In addition we offer search engine optimization regular monitoring package where we continue to ensure that your site figures in the top 5 at Rs 2000 per month.

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