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Softwares for installing Prusa i3 Printer

Wiring for Nema 17 motors ( 6 wire )

On six-wire motors you'll find two groups of three wires in which all three wires are electrically connected to each other. These wires are connected to the same coil, one in the center of the coil, two at their ends. Accordingly, two of the possible pairings have a lower resistance, one pair has a higher one. Take the pair with the higher resistance and ignore the third wire.

In our case ignore wire No 2 and No 5

Then wire the following to ramps board
A (Ramps) - connection 1 ( Motor )
B (Ramps) - connection 3 ( Motor )
C (Ramps) - connection 4 ( Motor )
D (Ramps) - connection 6 ( Motor )

What software do I need to install on my computer?

You will need to install the following softwares with version nos on your computer. These are open source softwares and available on the internet.

1. arduino-0022
2. Printrun-Win-Slic3r-10Mar2014
3. Marlin
You will need to
1. Open Marlin.pde in Arduino 0022
2. Go to Configuration.h
3. Change to board no 33

See attached images for reference

How Do I assemble my Prusa I3

Here is the most useful link for assembling your Prusa I3


The version to search for more online support or specific queries is Prusa I3 Rework.

How do I connect the connections to Ramps board?

Here is the most detailed link for connecting the electronic connections.


A few tips that I must add are

1. Ensure there are no short circuits.

2. That can be done with a voltmeter.

3. Also ensure that you are getting close to 5 ohms resistance in the power resistor for the hotend and close to 2 ohms in the heatbed.

4. All wires are connected can be done with a connection test with your voltmeter.

How should I test my board  connections?
How do I avoid a short circuit ?

1.  Usually if the motor connections are loose any where the motor will not move or vibrate.

2.  Heat bed check - It is important to check that there is no short in the heat bed. To check that you must use a multimeter to check for connectivity between the two ends of the heat bed on the ramps board that is pins ( D8 + and D8 - ). Also you must ensure the resistance between them as per the heat bed specifications - should be in the range of 1 to 3 ohms.

3. Hotend check - similar to heat bed where you check connectivity between 2 ends and resistance of 5 ohms.

These 2 - 3 checks are very important and will ensure safety of your electronic boards. 

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