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Rapid Prototopying of which 3d printing is one of the tools has become an industrial necessity. 3d printing lets you visualize the product that you have in mind within a short span of time.

Overall the development costs and development time gets reduced considerably.

3d printing is useful in many diverse fields like Achitecture, Medicine and Industrial prototyping.

We develop or print customized architecture models ranging from commercial look up buildings to house models.


A visual mock up allows a user to visualize the interiors and exteriors of the house. They inspire a confidence in the minds of the customer.


Surgical 3d printing is said to be the future. But as of now 3d printing is being used in many applications like development of prosthetics, medical devices and test prototypes. We offer devlopment of all these prototypes at affordable costs.

Industrial prototyping

Industrial prototyping be it in Automotive, Educational, Defense or Aerospace applications. What you see below is a Jet engine developed. Rapid prototyping enables faster product development cycle and innovation in the field.

We would be glad to assist you in meeting all of your rapid prototyping needs.

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