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Prusa I3 Printer

Rapid Innovation Center

Our Rapid Innovation Center is a multi purpose machine capable of 3d printing, PCB milling and Laser cutting. Its modular design allows the machine to change to the respective heads easily.

Technical Specifications -

1. 100 micron layer height in 3d printing.
2. PCB milling ( FR4 ) - CNC Milling ( plastic )

Salient Features -

1. Rugged full metal components.
2. Reliable and industrial grade components.
3. Complete Innovation Center.


Rs 50,000 in kit format.
Rs 65,000 with installation & assembly,calibration & training workshop included.

Performance Results

200 hours of continous printing in 10 days.
75 parts produced. 1 defective piece.

Prusa i3 Kit Includes

We provide the well known world wide Prusa I3 kit Do it your self kit ( DIY ) with all the components needed to assemble the kit.
We provide on phone / on call service to our customers.

The kit includes

1. Ramps board , Mega & 4 Polulu Drivers & Cable
2. 5 Motors ( Nema 17 )- Panasonic ( Minesoata Minebao )
3. Aluminium Frame
4. Bearing Rods
5. Bearings
6. Hot end and Kapton Tape.
7. MK2 - PCB Heat Bed
8. Nuts / Bolts /Wiring/ End Stops / Connectors. .
9. Plastic parts required for assembling the printer
10.400 watts of power supply.
11. One kg of Filament.

Rs 25, 000 Inclusive of everything +Rs.1000 Shipping to anywhere in India

You can see the complete bill of material from here.


You can download a complete bill of material from here.

Prusa i3 Rework Bill of materials

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