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For all those people who would want to assemble their own 3d printer or custom make 3d printer.

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3d printer accessories

3d printer accessories

It is our pleasure to encourage people to build their own 3d printers. We provide all the accessories and make them available at cheapest rates across the industry without no compromise on quality.

We provide Nema 17 motors and Nema 17 stepper motor drivers at the cheapest price across India. The motors are manufactured by Minebao Minesoata company ( Panasonic ) and provide 5.5 kg cm high required for 3d printers. They come in bipolar and unipoloar configuration depending on customer's needs.

We also provide high torque Nema 23 motors and Nema 23 motor drivers for people who are interested in driving Nema 23 stepper motors.

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