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PCB Milling

PCB Milling Machine

1. PCB Milling
2. PCB Machining
4. PCB Mill
5. Desktop CNC / PCB Router

Milling Machine and 3d printer

1. CNC Milling
2. CNC Machining
3. CNC Router
4. CNC Mill
5. CNC Kit
6. CNC Machine


1 Microfludic Devices , microfluidic systems ,
2 Lab on a chip devices.

Our Rapid Innovation Center is a multi purpose machine capable of 3d printing, PCB milling and Laser cutting. Its modular design allows the machine to change to the respective heads easily.

Technical Specifications -

1. 100 micron layer height in 3d printing.
2. PCB milling ( FR4 ) - CNC Milling ( plastic )

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